Supervisor CD Fleet Support

Job Description:
SUMMARY : Assist in providing specialized, highly responsive Fleet Maintenance support services to A.
Duie Pyles fast growing Custom Dedicated Division.
Assist the Manager accountable for spearheading this effort, which includes: establishing equipment design and specifications in order to perform the duties unique to each account.
Assist with procurement and value assessment.
Accountable for following up to assure ongoing preventative maintenance and quality repairs are being completed timely and cost effectively.
Accurately track expenditures by each unique account to assure proper cost allocation.
A positive attitude and strong communication skills are a must.
Establish and monitor vendor relationships.
Communicate and coordinate with equipment dealers, rental companies, parts vendors, as well as in-house sales people, leadership and Fleet Maintenance team members throughout Pyles network of company owned heavy duty diesel repair facilities.
A highly organized person with a strong sense of order and a commitment to follow through will be successful and will enjoy being a valued member of the team directly involved in this dynamic and growing business.
ESSENTIEAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Manage the equipment Rental program Newly starting and fast growing Custom Dedicated accounts often require rented equipment to fill the gap until new equipment is built.
Contribute to the profitability of the Account through cost control by establishing and building vendor relationships, then carefully managing rentals through tracking and monitoring invoices.
Establish and Manage vendor relationships Mutually beneficial vendor relationships are necessary to support business opportunities in areas where Pyle does not have a company owned fleet repair facility or when a company facility is beyond capacity.
Build new vendor relationships and monitor existing vendors by performing site visits to check how well they are equipped, the condition and maintenance of their own equipment, their staffing, hours of operation and recordkeeping capabilities.
Examples of types of vendors include: Truck dealerships, mobile repair vendors, diesel and trailer repair facilities and equipment rental companies.
Fleet Maintenance Process Management Contribute to optimal fleet performance by becoming expert in using our leading edge fleet maintenance management software system to support, follow up, track and report on the effectiveness of the Custom Dedicated fleet maintenance program.
Prepare management reports tracking by individual business account, costs, equipment up time and breakdowns.
Track speed and effectiveness of equipment breakdown response.
Monitor repairs for repetitive defects that may signal: -an issue with a vendor, -a need to improve an equipment specification, or -a defective part.
Follow up as appropriate to include bubbling OEM issues up to leadership and directly addressing vendor issues with vendors.
Manage vehicle maintenance related responsibilities of the CD Division using vendor and in-house resources.
Perform quality control checks and procedures to assure all work is completed to the appropriate standard.
Monitor and Manage repair quality Perform random equipment inspections to assure repairs are completed to the appropriate standard.
Monitor equipment breakdowns and roadside inspection for indications of repair quality issues.
Follow up and address and shortcomings.
Establish and monitor equipment parking areas Dedicated accounts often require parking equipment at a location other than an A.
Duie Pyle Service Center; it could be a customer location or other site.
Drivers at these locations, or visiting Fleet Technicians, need access to basic Fleet Maintenance supplies.
Establish on site facilities and procedures to assure availability and security of a basic maintenance inventory to include: oil, wiper blades, coolant, and possibly tires.
Periodically conduct site walks to monitor that established procedures to maintain inventories are effective and to look for: unreported equipment damage, quality repairs, and vehicle cleanliness.
Meaningfully support our Professional Drivers Establish direct, friendly, positive supportive relationships with A.
Duie Pyle professional drivers who are domiciled at remote locations.
These drivers often do not have the same opportunity to interact with other Pyle leaders, and the supervisor in this position helps to serve as the face and voice of not only Fleet Maintenance but also the company.
Participate in creating effective, driver-friendly Driver Vehicle Inspection report processes that assure driver maintenance concerns are being reviewed and addressed.
Listen carefully to driver assessments of equipment performance and look for opportunities to improve equipment design and accessories to help drivers perform safely and effectively.
Listen for other issues that driver may be having with their day to day efforts and interactions and share what you

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